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Found a place to eat in Kingston, that you just can't stop raving about? Want to talk about a bad expierence? Want a recommendation on where to eat? Check here for restaurant reviews, gripes, prices, and other information.

Members can post reviews here, and they should follow the following general guidelines.

Atmosphere - Rating out of 10. Was the glass dirty? Were the floors clean? Did you just want to live there it was so nice? Give honest impressions of what the general atmosphere was like in the restaurant.

Appetizers - Rating out of 10. Was it good? Were they prompt?

Main Course - Rating out of 10. Did the chef cook it well? Was the food good? Find a hair or two?

Desserts - Rating out of 10. Outageous cakes? Amazing Pie? What you would find in your local A&P?

Service - Rating out of 10. Prompt? Courterous? Smiling? Helpful?

Price - Rating out of 10. Did you get what you paid for? Did you feel ripped off? Were they running any specials?

Overall - This is a straight up average of all ratings given (total of all scores divided by 6)

Be sure to give as much detail as you can about your expierence, and let everyone know what you thought of your dining expierence!

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