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Sep. 19th, 2004 @ 08:00 pm Welcome!!
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I would like to welcome everyone to a brand new community!

Have you had a great expierence here in Kingston when you were at a restaurant? Maybe you had a bad one, and would like to talk about it. Welcome to the place to talk about your eating expiereneces here in Kingston. Whether you are a student looking for a cheap good meal, or an executive looking for that "gonna clinch the deal" meal, here is a place you can look for suggestions.

So, jump in and let everyone know about the little gem of a diner you found, or let everyone know that if you go to that little cafe, they should be prepaired to take out another mortgage on the house.

Enjoy, and remember, we all need food to survive, so why not make it a good expierence too.

Jason "prplhaze" Palmer
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