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Cafe India

Atmosphere - 8/10
Tucked away on Princess Street you will find this little jewel.  The atmosphere is quite nice, with low lighting and candle-light to illuminate your meal. The walls are decorated with beautiful fabric panels of traditional Indian scenes, as well as som beautiful landscapes.  There is always lovely Indian music playing on the resturaunt speakers and it is not obtrusive like the music that you find at other places.  There is a full set of linen's on the table, and they even use real cloth napkins, very nice addition to the overall asthetic of the place.  The silk roses are a little cheesy, but we can forgive them for that.

Appetizers - 8.5/10
Each table gets an order of Papadam which is a lentel cracker like bread that is traditional and very tasty.  It comes to your table nice and warm, and is ever so tasty.  For people who have never had it before, at first they may find it a bit saly, however this is the normal flavour for this appetizer.

Main Course - 9/10
For my dinner at Cafe India, I had one of my favourite dishes, Chicken Korma.  The food was cooked to perfection, and even though I had a special request for my own food, it was not late to the table, and everyone's dishes arrived on time. With my Chicken Korma, we had an order of Peas Rice, and of course you can't go to an Indian resturaunt and not have Nann.  Everything was perfect, though the garlic on my nann could have been better distributed then it was, there were pockets of heavy garlic, and areas with none.

Service - 9/10
The staff at Cafe India are prompt and always willing to offer suggestions for your meal.  They are even willing to offer a friendly direction on what exactly is good to have for your first time at an Indian resturaunt.  The staff was always prompt with service and they made sure that glasses were not empty, and that things were up to your satisfaction.

Price - 8/10
There is a bit of price shock when you see what you are getting for portions however this is to be expected.  The Main dishes may be a bit pricy but they are often augmented with lots of rice, and even a salad.  Some of the speciality dishes do not come with anything other then the main course, and you should really order some rice to make sure you don't walk out hungry.

Overall - 8.5/10
Overall I recommend Cafe India when you want a taste of the orient in a friendly atmosphere.  The food expierence there is always great, and whenever I get a chance to come in, I really try to, and I am never disappointed by the food.

Jason "prplhaze" Palmer
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