Susan (spusan) wrote in kingston_eats,

Shoeless Joe's!

Atmosphere - 7.5/10
I mean, it wasn't swanky or anything. It was a sports bar like restaurant. It was clean, the bathrooms were clean, but not uber-fancy. I wasn't grossed out by the booths or tables. There were several TVs that were playing TSN and stuff like that. Very casual

Appetizers - 9/10
I had the spinach dip thing w/ bread sticks and nacho chips and such and it was 8.99 or so and I enjoyed it. My friend had the chicken quesadillas and they were around the same price and she enjoyed it, too. The servings are large, but it's also rather expensive. So I would recommend these two items for the future. Fairly prompt.

Main Course - N/A
I didn't get one because I.AM.POOR! Deeply in debt! >_<

Desserts - N/A
But I will say that I got a Throw in the Towel which is an alcoholic drink, but so chock full of chocolately goodness I think of it as a dessert. It was really good and I would definitely recommend it.

Service - 9/10
The waitress was very nice, prompt, etc, but not annoying or clingy. And she didn't card! ^__^

Price - 7/10
It was rather expensive for a place called Shoeless Joe's that markets itself as a sports bar like restaurant. However, the servings were large and it was tasty. So it wasn't that bad.

Overall - 8.5/10
It was nice, but not extremely nice. It was tasty, but not the best food I ever had (or one of the best). The waitress was nice and attentive without being heckling. Price was a drawback, but ordering appetizers and having a coupon helped out! I recommend SJ's if you've got some money to spend and just want to have a casual night out.

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