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Sunday Breakfast Buffet

Hello everyone,

I live in Toronto but will be visiting Kingston on the weekend of August 25-27. I'm looking for a good (read: BIG) Sunday breakfast buffet in Kingston (I'll be staying with someone on Leroy Grant Drive so somewhere in that vicinity would be ideal, but we do have a car if it's not) that will have numerous vegetarian and vegan selections.

Price isn't *too* much of an issue, what's more important is that my vegan boyfriend isn't stuck eating just toast and hashbrowns.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Cafe India

Atmosphere - 8/10
Tucked away on Princess Street you will find this little jewel.  The atmosphere is quite nice, with low lighting and candle-light to illuminate your meal. The walls are decorated with beautiful fabric panels of traditional Indian scenes, as well as som beautiful landscapes.  There is always lovely Indian music playing on the resturaunt speakers and it is not obtrusive like the music that you find at other places.  There is a full set of linen's on the table, and they even use real cloth napkins, very nice addition to the overall asthetic of the place.  The silk roses are a little cheesy, but we can forgive them for that.

Appetizers - 8.5/10
Each table gets an order of Papadam which is a lentel cracker like bread that is traditional and very tasty.  It comes to your table nice and warm, and is ever so tasty.  For people who have never had it before, at first they may find it a bit saly, however this is the normal flavour for this appetizer.

Main Course - 9/10
For my dinner at Cafe India, I had one of my favourite dishes, Chicken Korma.  The food was cooked to perfection, and even though I had a special request for my own food, it was not late to the table, and everyone's dishes arrived on time. With my Chicken Korma, we had an order of Peas Rice, and of course you can't go to an Indian resturaunt and not have Nann.  Everything was perfect, though the garlic on my nann could have been better distributed then it was, there were pockets of heavy garlic, and areas with none.

Service - 9/10
The staff at Cafe India are prompt and always willing to offer suggestions for your meal.  They are even willing to offer a friendly direction on what exactly is good to have for your first time at an Indian resturaunt.  The staff was always prompt with service and they made sure that glasses were not empty, and that things were up to your satisfaction.

Price - 8/10
There is a bit of price shock when you see what you are getting for portions however this is to be expected.  The Main dishes may be a bit pricy but they are often augmented with lots of rice, and even a salad.  Some of the speciality dishes do not come with anything other then the main course, and you should really order some rice to make sure you don't walk out hungry.

Overall - 8.5/10
Overall I recommend Cafe India when you want a taste of the orient in a friendly atmosphere.  The food expierence there is always great, and whenever I get a chance to come in, I really try to, and I am never disappointed by the food.

Jason "prplhaze" Palmer

Again, Ideas?

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm heading over to Pan Chancho w/ some chums at 3pm. Anyone have any suggestions for something deeeeelllish yet still a good deal? Last time someone suggested an appetizer that I got and enjoyed.

Just to note, I don't eat beef or pork and avoid chicken whenever possible. Good desserts, breads, sandwiches, etc are all appreciated! No salads, please (I'm not on a diet or a rabbit!). Preferably under 12 bucks (I am v. poor, but I want to CELEBRATE!!).

Thanks oodles!

(no subject)

I'm going to Shoeless Joe's tomorrow and I want to know what I should order. I need something that tastes good and is fairly cheap. I am very poor and my "eating out" usually consists of Pizza Pizza or Subway. Criteria: Tastes good and good deal. Desserts, appetizers, entrees, anything you would recommend.

I ask b/c I had a very bad experience at Chez Piggy once. Expensive and I loathed it. It was seafood capellini (sp?) drowning in this oil, which was *not* olive or butter. *shudders* (Though their chocolate cheesecake is cloud nine)
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Good for the stomach, good for the soul.


For those of you who don't know, Martha's Table is a non profit project offering low cost, high quality food to the homeless or to those who just can't make ends meet day to day.

Martha's Table serves meals Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:30 - 5:30 in MacCallum Hall at Chalmers United Church. The cost of the meal is $1. Children 10 and under, accompanied by an adult, eat free of charge. The people who work there are all voulenteers and do it because they love to help people.

How did I find out about Martha's? Well, it is a really interesting story. I worked for a software company that used to be here in Kingston called Molecular Mining Corporation. The first year we were in business, we decided that instead of having a huge Christmas/Holiday party, with free food, and gifts, we instead sponsored a meal at Martha's. It was an entire feast for the holidays, and everyone who came in ate for free that day. The employees were voulenteers there that day, and we all pitched in. We even made it so that instead of people coming to get food, we brought everything to them. It was an amazing expierence.

The next couple years we did the same thing, and even after the company closed its doors last year, the CEO and his wife sponsored another meal, and all the employees showed up to lend their support to the great cause.

Please, if you are in need of their servies, check them out, don't be too proud.. and if you have a few bucks or a couple hours to spare, please drop by, and help them out. You will be helping people, and at the same time, doing some good in the community.

Jason "prplhaze" palmer
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The first of 2 recommendations

Hello everyone who follows kingston_eats. I have a couple things to recommend today, and I will be posting them separately so you can take them in at your leasure.


Yeah, it is "fast food" but still, it is good food, so I will give a mini-review here. Located on Princess Street in the heart of Downtown Kingston, Quiznos offers oven toasted subs for a great price. Why do I recommend it? because for a little more then the price of a Subway sub, you can get a hot toasted sub, that contains real filler, and not lots of lettuice to bulk it up. My 2 favourite things there? The Chicken Carbonera, and the Black Angus Beef Steak (which I just had last night).

For those who are watching the carbs, they offer a great range of salads and toasted flatbread sandwiches now too. There is a little something for everyone at Quiznos.

Give it a go, and tell me what you think. Also post your favourite thing to get there!

Jason "prplhaze" Palmer
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Just got back from The Tango

The first review

The Tango

Atmosphere: 9

Walking on into the resturaunt, we noticed that it was a very nice look overall, looked like a higher dollar place. The tables were nice and clean, as well as being very nicely finished, with a grey wash. The lighting was very intemate, it almost gave us the feeling of being in your own house. The music was awesome, tango, or latin inspired music at all times, with a nice distribution of speakers so it didn't have to be overly loud to be understandable.

Appetizers: 7

After browsing the 1 page menu for a while, we decided to start with some sweet potato french fries. The fries were accompanied by a very nice curried catsup, which just had enough spice to make it interesting, but not enough to over-power the food. The fries were a tad underdone, with some being a little cold, but it didn't diminish the overall appeal of the appetizer. For my taste, another 30 seconds in the fryer would have made them perfect.

Main Course: 9

For dinner, I decided to have the open-faced steak sandwich with brie, and pesto. Ths was amazing. The brie was liberally applied, and the steak was medium as I had ordered. It was not a terribly thick steak, however it was filling and good. The bread was a nice home-made bread which was quite nice. You had your choice of salad or soup or you could have the sweet potato fries, or regular fries. I decided that I would have the fries, as I had already sampled the sweet potato. The friench fries were in the style of actual english "chips" wherin they were quite tender inside, and lightly seasoned. The portion size was quite nice, and left me satisfied.

Desserts: 9

What can I say about the dessert. We were not planning to have any dessert with dinner, as there was a lot of food, and it was quite filling, however after hearing what they had on special, we just could not resist. For dessert we had an amazing creme brulee, with strawberries, and Godiva chocolate. What a way to close out the expierence. The crust on the top was just thick enough to be enjoybable, while the insides were cooked to perfection. The chocolate and strawberries were a great mix with the standard creme, and it really made for a nice ending to the evening.

Service: 9

The waitress was prompt and courterous, as well as funny. She was able to determine timing for the courses perfectly, so we were not served appetizers and then a couple seconds before the main course. Her recommendations for dessert were spot on, and she was sure to inform us of the specials that they were running.

Price: 8

When you walk into the place you instantly think "I am gonna need a lot of money for this place" however this could not be further from the truth. For the meal that I had there including drinks was $21.70 before taxes. Not the most expensive meal I have ever had, but not something that you can just go out and get every night. The old addage "you get what you pay for" is definatly true for The Tango.

Overall: 8.5

Good pricing, nice staff, and a great environment, not to mention the food lead me to have a great dining expierence at The Tango. I will definatly go back, and have no hesitation to recommend it to my friends.

Jason "prplhaze" Palmer
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I would like to welcome everyone to a brand new community!

Have you had a great expierence here in Kingston when you were at a restaurant? Maybe you had a bad one, and would like to talk about it. Welcome to the place to talk about your eating expiereneces here in Kingston. Whether you are a student looking for a cheap good meal, or an executive looking for that "gonna clinch the deal" meal, here is a place you can look for suggestions.

So, jump in and let everyone know about the little gem of a diner you found, or let everyone know that if you go to that little cafe, they should be prepaired to take out another mortgage on the house.

Enjoy, and remember, we all need food to survive, so why not make it a good expierence too.

Jason "prplhaze" Palmer
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